How To Boost Metabolism and Kickstart Metabolic Weight Loss

metabolic weight loss

Are your clothes feeling tighter? Is the weighing scale appearing less friendly? It’s time to lose weight.

But it doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right metabolic weight loss plan, you can burn calories while you sleep.

Shed those excess pounds without feeling miserable. Throw away ineffective fad diets. Some are costly, while others are ineffective or dangerous.

Read on to discover the best ways to lose weight without losing your mind.

Cardio Will Always Work

Kickstart your metabolic weight loss with cardio.

Exercise fads come and go. Fancy exercise machines flood the market all the time.

But exercise science proves old fashioned cardiovascular activities are essential for weight loss.

Researchers discovered an intense 45-minute cycling session raised metabolism significantly. The participants cut off almost 200 calories from their resting metabolic rate.

This means they were losing weight as they relaxed or slept. Who wouldn’t love that?

To raise your metabolism, incorporate cardio into your usual routine. The choice is yours. Go with the exercise you find fun.

Jogging, swimming, dancing, cycling – these are all excellent cardio activities.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a huge mistake. In doing so, you hamper your metabolic weight loss goals.

Think about it. After waking up from several hours of sleep, the body needs fuel. People who skip breakfast slow the body’s fat-burning potential.

The reason? In depriving your stomach of food first thing in the morning, the body will conserve energy. In effect, your metabolism will slow down.

Not all breakfast meals are the same.

World-famous fitness expert Tim Ferriss recommends eating 30 grams of protein within the first 30 minutes. Healthy options include egg whites, whey protein, and plant-based protein.

If you exercise in the morning, go ahead and add carbohydrates. You’ll need the fuel. Excellent selections are delicious fruits, whole grain cereals, and oatmeal.

Supplement Properly

Of course, a lot of these are easier said than done.

It’s normal to procrastinate and not look forward to working out. It’s human to crave comfort food.

Furthermore, everyone’s natural metabolism is different. Some people have a faster metabolism than others.

Aging also slows down everyone’s metabolism.

The good news? You don’t have to be a helpless victim of your DNA and age.

To speed up your metabolic weight loss, the right supplements will make the task less challenging. You won’t have to blame your genes.

We recommend sticking with supplements that are not only effective, they’re safe. Supplements such as Lipo-6 can help shed fats.

Lipo-6 won ‘Fat-Loss Support Product of Year’ for 4 years. It’s also the first liquid capsule diet supplement.

Another supplement to help achieve your metabolic weight loss goals is the Lipo-6 Black Ultra.

What sets this apart from the pack? First, you only need one pill a day. Next, it’s ideal for people seeking mental alertness and high energy.

Weightlifting Is No Fad

A common and dangerous misconception states weightlifting is not for everyone.

Not only is this false, it’s ineffective. Your efforts to achieve metabolic weight loss must include weightlifting.

Weightlifting provides benefits for everyone. Age or gender doesn’t matter. Moreover, it won’t make the average woman bulky overnight.

We lose muscles as we age. Muscles we need to be strong and have a high metabolism.

Muscles are responsible for giving men and women that sleek and attractive appearance. They give us energy. You create resistance to certain diseases, like osteoporosis.

You don’t have to bulk up like a bodybuilder to reap the benefits of weightlifting.

Beginners can gain lean muscles by using bodyweight, for instance. Weightlifting machines at the gym make lighting weights easy. They work as a guide.

We recommend free weights, like barbells, after you’re comfortable using exercise machines. You can begin with dumbbells. Make your way up to advanced weightlifting routines.

As one saying goes, “Easy does it. But do it.”

High-Intensity Workout

A wonderful way to metabolic weight loss is HIIT, or “High-Intensity Interval Training”.

The idea behind HIIT is alternating intense cardio exercises with low-intensity cardio.

For example, you can run at top speed for a minute. Follow this up by jogging at a relaxed pace for another minute. Rinse and repeat.

HITT is the perfect choice for busy people. You can do HIIT during your lunch break.

Research has shown people lose more weight doing 15 minutes of HIIT than jogging for a full hour at a steady pace.

Another beauty of HIIT is you don’t need fancy equipment. Any form of cardio will do. It’s all about the timing and intensity.

The Tabata Method is an easy way to incorporate HIIT.

Set a timer for 4 minutes. Next, do your favorite cardio exercise.

Alternate between 20 seconds of high intensity. Follow this up with 10 seconds of low intensity. Do this for the entire 4 minutes.

You’ll find free apps to guide you. Use keywords “HIIT” or “Tabata” to locate these apps.

Plentiful Sleep

The results are in. Lacking sleep can keep you from losing excess pounds. Sleep plays a crucial role in our metabolic weight loss goals.

But before you use this as an excuse to lounge in bed all day, discover the reasons why.

Excessive sleep can be as bad as lacking it.

People who lack sleep rely on caffeine. Fatigue tempts us to skip the gym.

The stress of sleep deprivation makes it tempting to reach for sugary junk food. A tired brain goes, “Give me a cookie! And throw in a donut and chips.”

Sleep requirements vary per individual.

Aim for a minimum of 7 hours of sleep a night. Some people need 8, or even 9.

Experiment to see what works for you. Don’t feel ashamed if you need 9 hours a day.

The rule of thumb is how you feel in the morning. If you find yourself groggy most mornings, you need more sleep. Sleep an hour earlier.

Go slow and begin by sleeping 15 minutes earlier. Add another 15 minutes of extra snooze time a day or two after.

Holistic Metabolic Weight Loss

Weight loss doesn’t happen by doing one thing.

Use a holistic approach to diet, exercise, sleep, and supplements. This makes it easier to not only lose weight but to stick to a plan.

Enough rest, fun exercise routines, effective supplements and whole foods – these are not only enjoyable. They will reward you with a leaner body and a richer life.

Learn more by contacting us. We’d be happy to help you be the best you.